Alpha arbutin for cosmetics 

Product name:Alpha arbutin


Cas No.:84380-01-8

Molecular Formula:C12H16O7

Molecular Weight:272.25

Appearance:White crystalline powder

Test Method:HPLC


About Aplha Arbutin


Alpha Arbutin is the active substance originated from natural plant which can whiten and lighten skin. Alpha Arbutin Powder can infiltrate into the skin quickly without affecting the concentration of cell multiplication and effectively prevent activity of tyrosinase in the skin and the forming of melanin. By combined arbutin with tyrosinase, decomposition and drainage of melanin are accelerated, splash and fleck can be got ride of and no side effects are caused.Arbutin Powder is one of the safest and most efficient whitening materials that are popular at present. Alpha Arbutin is also the most competitive whitening activity in the 21st century.

Alpha-arbutin is similar to β-arbutin, which inhibits the production and deposition of melanin and eliminates spots and freckles. Studies have shown that α-arbutin can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase at a lower concentration, and its inhibition of tyrosinase is better than that of β arbutin.


Alpha arbutin main function:

1. Cosmetic Field Function.

(1) Alpha arbutin powder can protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals.have the function of anti-aging

(2) Alpha arbutin powder is a skin whitening agent

(3) Alpha arbutin powder inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity. 


2.Medical Field Function

(1) Alpha arbutin powder was first used in medical areas as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

(2) Alpha arbutin powderwas used particularly for cystitis, urethritis and pyelitis.

(3) Alpha arbutin powder may be used to repress the virulence of bacterial pathogens and to prevent contaminating bacteria.

(4) Alpha arbutin powder is used for treating allergic inflammation of the skin .



Alpha arbutin application:

1.Alpha arbutin can be used in cosmetic field.
1.Alpha arbutin can be used in medical field.


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Alpha arbutin product analysis



Product Name

Alpha Arbutin/Bearberry Extract


White Crystal Powder

Cas No.




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight




Shelf Life

Two Years


Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from sunlight, moisture and pest infestation.






White crystal powder

White Crystal Powder