Product name:Swertia davidi Franch Extract
Extract source: Swertia davidi Franch

Plant Part Used: Whole plant

Specification: 98%

Active ingredient:Swertiamarin

CAS NO. : 17388-39-5

Test mothed: HPLC

About swertimarin

Swertia , a Gentianaceae plant, mainly grow in China, India and Nepal. Swertiamarin is a class of Iiridoids extract from Swertia millensis which can reduce liver injury cause by toxicity substances and prevent for liver injury cause by absence of oxygen. Swertiamarin can also inhibit to central nervous system, it is a significant role of removing spasm and pain, it shows good effect as a treatment of gastroente ritis. Researches confirmed that swertiamarin show 50% inhibition rate to liver cancerunder consistency of 35~50μg. We can expect that Swertiamarin still have deeper level of research value as a new anti-cancer drugs.


 Swertia Extract Function

Swertia Bimaculata Extract has protecting liver, detoxification,blood enzyme,reduce liver splenomegaly, enhanceliver area ofmacrophage phagocytosis function.Swertiamarin has obvious inhibition hepatomacarcinoma cell function;

1.Swertia Bimaculata Extract direct effects on intestinal smooth muscle and spasmolysis;

2.Swertia Bimaculata Extract has significant analgesic and sedation,can treat gastrointestinal pain;

3.Swertia Bimaculata Extract have anti-inflammatory, antiviral effect,can expandcapillaries, and activate or promoteskin cell enzyme system, improve the biochemical function of skin cells


Swertia Extract Application:

1.Applied in the pharmaceutical field as medicine l raw materials;

2.Applied in the health care products field;

3.Applied in the food and beverage industry field.


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