oleanic acid CAS 508-02-1

oleanic acid CAS 508-02-1

Model No.︰STA-86

Brand Name︰STAHERB

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Oleanolic acid,also caleed oleanic acid is a triterpenoid compound that is widespread in nature, particularly in leaves of Olea europea L. (Oleaceae).Oleanolic acid has been long recognized to have hepatoprotective, antiinflammatory, and antihyperlipidemic properties.


  1. As relatively non-toxic,antitumor, and hepatoprotective with protecting liver, drop enzymes, liver cell regeneration effects;
  2. With antiviral properties & anti-inflammatory;
  3. A major protector of cells against oxidative and electrophile stress;
  4. With great effect on virus hepatitis, acute icteric hepatitis and chronic hepatitis;
  5. Having lower blood sugar, blood fat, calm effects;


  1. Pharmaceutical field;
  2. Functional food;
  3. Health products;

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