Kudzu Root Extract

Kudzu Root Extract

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Basic information:

Product Name:Kudzu Root Extract

Latin Name:   Puerarialobata(Wild.) Ohwi

Appearance: Brown yellow Powder

Specification:   19% 30% 40% 98%

Test Method:   HPLC

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Pueraria has been known for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as ge-gen.

The first written mention of the plant as a medicine is in the ancient herbal text of Shen Nong (about A.D.100). In traditional Chinese medicine, pueraria is used in prescriptions for the treatment of thirst, headache, and stiff neck with pain due to high blood pressure. Puerarin is also recommended for allergies, migraine headaches, inadequate measles eruptions in children, and diarrhea. Puerarin is also used in modern Chinese medicine as a treatment for angina pectoris.

Kudzu root extract powder is a rich source of isoflavones. puerarin, daidzein, and daidzin are some of theisoflavones found in kudzu. Some studies suggest kudzu may play a role in menopausal symptoms.Kudzu Root is known as Pueraria root. This blend contains herbs that are purported to aid in theattempt to reduce alcohol dependence and ease the effects of withdrawal, Harvard study confirmed that it reduced alcohol consumption by 50%. Kudzu root is a unique herb which contains a natural compound called silymarin. Kudzu root is derived from the kudzu vine in Asia, where it has been used for hundreds of yearsto reduce the cravings for alcohol in humans.


1.Kudzu Root Extract used to enhance immunity and inhibit cancer cell. 
2.Kudzu Root Extract has the usage of taking protective effects to the nephritis, nephropathy and renal failure. 
3.Kudzu Root Extract with he function of trengthening myocardial contraction force and protecting myocardial cell.
4.Kudzu Root Extract own the effective of protecting the deformability of erythrocyte, increasing the function of hematopoietic system.



1.As the crud drug for cardiovascular drugs, it is widely used in biopharmaceuticals:
2.With a unique effect for lipid-lowering, it is widely used to be added into foods and health products:
3.With a unique effect of phytoestrogen ,it is widely used in cosmetics field to defer senility.

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