cordycepin 98%

cordycepin 98%

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Brand Name︰STAHERB

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Cordyceps Extract first gained recognition in the medical science field in the early 1990’s. A team of Chinese runners broke nine world records at the track and field championships held in Germany. The team’s coach later attributed this success to the team’s use of a Cordyceps based tonic that boosted levels of energy, vitality, endurance and stamina in the body. Thus resulting in Cordyceps being one of the top supplements used by world athletes today.

Cordyceps Extract is a confirmed source of anti-oxidants, polysaccharides, and a large host of other newly discovered nutritional compounds, plus certainly many others that are yet to be discovered.


Basic information:

Product name:Cordyceps extract mycelium

Active ingredients:Cordycepin

Apperance:White powder


Test method:HPLC


Functions of Cordyceps Extract Mycelium:

1.Cordyceps extract mycelium can enhance human immunity.
2.Cordyceps extract mycelium with the function of antineoplastic.
3.Cordyceps extract mycelium can increases energy level and reduces fatigue.
4.Cordyceps extract mycelium with the function of anti-aging, antibacterial and antiviral.
5.Cordyceps extract mycelium used to improve renal function, it can reduce the damage that toxic substances caused to the kidney.

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