100% Natural Moringa Leaf Extract

100% Natural Moringa Leaf Extract

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Tree moringa leaf powder moringa oleifera raw leaf powder wholesale manufacturers for cholesterol and insomnia
moringa leaf powder moringa leaf powder moringa leaf powder moringa leaf powder
White flower head, Moringa, native to India, also known as drumstick tree, miracle tree, traditional moringa growing in eastern Africa and northern India. Moringa is a high-calcium plant product containing calcium. More than 4 times the amount of milk, in addition, it also contains trace elements such as potassium, iron, and zinc, and contains proteins and amino acids similar to soybeans. It is a functional food containing whole nutrients. Eat about 5 grams to supply the body's nutritional needs for a day, so it can make up calcium, iron, potassium, zinc supplement, can provide sufficient nutritional needs for weight loss consumers, and not to damage the body due to diet.



(1). Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverageindustry;

(2). Applied in the health care product field;

(3). Applied in the pharmaceutical field.



1.As an important active ingredient in pharmaceutical, for instance, it acts aspotent anti- tuberculosi and used to cure liver diseases; it also stimulates the sympathetic nerve ending and accelerates the heart beats and constricts the blood vessels.

2.In cosmetic industry, the moringa oil is used for various skin and hair care needs.

3.As a natural nutritional supplements, helping to lose weight.

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